Standalone Workholding

Automation ready workholding for CNC manufacturing

Product Overview

Not ready to for a full automation solution? Interested in reducing setup costs, reducing operator errors and improving quality? MultiGrip is also available as a standalone, quick change work holding solution that is automation ready. MultiGrip has the lowest setup time of any quick change vise jaw system in the industry.

Sick of paying $100, $200 or more for a set of proprietary machineable jaws? VersaBuilt grants you a license to make your own machineable top jaws for every MultiGrip system you buy. VersaBuilt will even provide you with everything you need to make your own machineable top jaws including 3-d models and tool lists required to make the jaws.

When you’re ready to step up to full automation, you're MultiGrip jaws are ready to go to work in the VBX‑160. MultiGrip is available in a vise configuration for CNC milling centers and in a chuck configuration for CNC lathes. Contact VersaBuilt to determine that right solution for your equipment.

There is simply no better work holding solution for your CNC machining center.