VersaBuilt Robotics

Transforming Manufacturing


VersaBuilt Robotics is a leading technology company, based in Boise, Idaho, providing robot automated CNC solutions to manufacturers worldwide. The Company also offers advanced engineering and support services to its global customer base.

VersaBuilt Robotics has applied for a series of technology and process patents covering their machineable MultiGrip jaw and CNC vise system.

Management Team

Al Youngwerth


With several successful startups behind him, Al brings leadership in startup management, growth, product development, software development, mechanical design, manufacturing and operations. In addition to founding Rekluse Motor Sports and VersaBuilt, he has also held senior level positions at Apexx Technology and Extended Systems. Al holds a Masters degree from California State University, Chico in Computer Science. When not tinkering with robots or new business opportunities, Al likes to fly airplanes with his newly aquired pilots license.

Natalie Shores

Director of Finance and Administration

Natalie has spent most of her career supporting start-up teams and growing companies. Prior to VersaBuilt, Natalie worked in Finance and Administration at WhiteCloud Analytics, CradlePoint Inc, as engagement manager at Microsoft, and ProClarity Corporation. Natalie earned a BBA, Accountancy, at Boise State University and also holds an MBA degree. Natalie is passionate about the VersaBuilt culture and helping team members grow their mastery and leadership skills. Outside of work, Natalie enjoys puzzling, reading – currently historical fiction, and walking with her kids and dogs.

Ben Blaine

Director of Mechanical Engineering

Ben has more than 10 years of experience in the mechanical design of industrial robot systems, he provides leadership to the VersaBuilt team building robotic systems that create increased efficiency in complex manufacturing and production facilities. Previously Ben lent his mechanical talents to Weyerhaeuser, Transform Solar and The House of Design. Ben holds a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Santa Clara University. After a day of churning out the latest generation of robotic solutions, Ben spends time with family and tries to squeeze in some relaxing guitar time.

Drew Youngwerth

Director of Software Engineering

Drew has more than 6 years professional experience as a software engineer, 4 of which have been in the robotics industry. Drew's passion for Computer Science started when he was 15 after writing and publishing his first iOS app, "The Slugbug Game". Drew has worked as a Software Engineer for Rekluse and VersaBuilt prior to his current position. When he's not working on cutting edge automation software he's either walking his Bulldogge (Dexter), practicing crossfit, or writing software for fun.

Jeff Pile

Director of Operations

Jeff has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing operations management for high cost of failure applications. Previously Jeff lent his talents to QTI Sensing Solutions and Boyd Corporation. Jeff holds a Bachelor's degree from California State University, Stanislaus in Business Administration with a minor in Operations Management and is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Currently he provides leadership for the VersaBuilt team in project management and lean manufacturing. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys hiking the Idaho Mountains with his family.

Brian Havey

Director of Sales

Starting his career as an electrical engineer with Orbital Sciences provided Brian with a unique perspective as he seized the opportunity to transition into a customer facing role in technical field sales helping organizations increase sales for global manufacturers. Brian holds a Bachelor's degree from Northern Arizona University in Electrical Engineering. Currently he provides leadership for the VersaBuilt team in customer management and sales as well as the occasional electrical engineering project. After work Brian seeks adventure by tackling many of Idaho’s beautiful whitewater rapids.

Our Story

The VersaBuilt Robotics was born out of the CNC production facility of Rekluse Motor Sports. Rekluse is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket motorcycle clutches. Being successful in the aftermarket motorcycle clutch business requires making many different part numbers in small quantities, with large swings in volume due to seasonal demand. Recognizing that CNC operator labor was a constraint for the business, Rekluse management made the decision to pursue robotic CNC automation.

Working with a local robotics integrator, and starting with traditional robot grippers and CNC vises, the team was soon struggling. Trying to integrate the dozens of diverse part shapes that were candidates for robotic automation was proving to be more difficult, time consuming and expensive than anticipated.

One day, after a frustrating round of failures, one of the engineers asked, “Why can’t the robot and CNC vise use the same jaws?” After a round of glances with raised eyebrows, the discussion quickly moved to a whiteboard brainstorming session. The team recognized that if they could make a jaw system that was shared by both the robot and the CNC, they could truly generalize the integration of almost any part shape for automation.

After several months of R&D, the first version of MultiGrip jaws were put into production. With MultiGrip jaws, the team was soon integrating new parts for automation in hours instead of weeks. Patents for the new technology were filed.

The management team at Rekluse recognized that MultiGrip technology had applications far beyond the needs of Rekluse. In 2014, VersaBuilt, Inc. was formed as a new company to build a product around the new MultiGrip jaw technology.

Today, VersaBuilt Robotics is helping global manufacturing organizations recognize the benefits of robotic automation across a wide range of industries.